Sector: Utilities

Project: Email Security and Archiving

Employees: Over 45 000 employees


The client required the implementation of a comprehensive Cloud-based Email Threat Protection Service, including Internal email protection, Journaling services, Archiving Service and Data Migration of over 750TB of Data.


Nihka Technology Group implemented the Mimecast platform with the full suite of products to provide the client with a comprehensive solution that exceeded its requirement. In addition to the technology platform implementation and support, Nihka provided the end-to-end project and change management functions including managing client and OEM resources and stakeholders.


The cut-over from the legacy system took place in a record-breaking time of less than 2-weeks from signing of the contract, without any interruption of email services, followed by the iterative implementation of advanced security services. The migration of over 2.6 Billion emails from the legacy archive was successfully initiated and managed to conclusion, with intense monitoring and optimisation.