Sector: Financial

Project: Business Intelligence Reports implementation

Employees: Over 5 000 employees


The client required over 43 reports to be migrated from the legacy Oracle Apex platform onto the SAS Enterprise Guide platform. All the reports were implemented many years ago with very little documentation and no access to the previous developers. The reports were business critical and also required to be enhanced to serve current business needs and be optimised for faster result generation.


Nihka Technology Group deployed an experienced team of SAS developers, Solution Architect and ODI Specialist managed by a seasoned project manager to implement all the reports within a 12-month period and within the contracted budget.  The client-focused team added value by conducting significant business analysis for each of the reports and clearly documenting the requirements and building value added capabilities into the reports, based on the SAS functionalities.


All the reports were not only deployed onto the SAS Enterprise Guide platform, but significant enhancements were made across all the reports that enhanced the productivity of the end-users. The entire solution was fully documented and handed over to the Client’s team during extensive on the job training and hand-over sessions.