Sector: Education/Government

Project: Establishment of a Project
Management Office

Head office: Johannesburg
Employees: Over 45 000 employees


  • The Client impacts the lives of ~1.6 million learners across 12 education districts and over 5500 schools.
  • It executes various strategic and operational projects/initiatives to deliver on its mandate to provide a quality education to every child in the province. deliver on its mandate to provide a quality education to every child in the province.
  • The establishment of the Enterprise PMO would enable it to develop the required capability to successfully drive the key implementation of strategic priorities and strengthen the department’s overall capacity to successfully achieve its mandate.

Nihka’s Approach:

  • Conduct a situational analysis of the Client
  • Identify improvement/efficiency opportunities using the People/Process/Systems dimensions
  • Provide organic project support to strategic priorities.
  • Implement process and system improvements to improve the outcomes of existing initiative
  • Introduce a culture of high performance to drive the culture change
  • Conduct handholding, training and knowledge transfer to the Client PMO Unit


  • EPMO Unit Established in Office of the SG
  • Head of PMO Unit appointed
  • Job descriptions and competencies for PMO unit defined
  • PMO Framework with detailed templates developed and approved
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Methodology developed
  • Over 25 SOP documented across 10 CD/Directorates
  • 15 SharePoint Communication and Team sites developed across various Bus
  • SharePoint training conducted to over 300 officials
  • Tracking tools with Dashboards were developed for Top Management & SRP Programme
  • High Performance workshops were conducted with ~250 officials including all Top Management
  • Developed the framework for the Education Systems Transformation Plan (ESTP)


  • Project Management Maturity shifted up 2 levels
  • Process Maturity shifted up 2 levels
  • Increased adoption and usage of MS 365 Online platform
  • Common understanding of High Performance across the Department