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Our Unique Approach

We have reached an age where just ‘doing’ digital is not enough. At Nihka Technology Group, we have a committed responsibility to take you on a journey of ultimately reaching a new state of ‘Being’. Organisations have an illusion of being digital by deciding to introduce new technology into their environments while still operating on the same business and customer models. Using our strategic partnerships while ensuring democratic use of the appropriate vendor platforms across the board, we walk into organisation and begin a measured journey towards a new state of ‘Being’.


Nihka Technology Group operates on the model of partnering with a local company in the host province or country to boost job creation and upskill the local workforce. Working in this way will enable this positive and productive output in any region, complimenting the company’s mandate of ‘Supply and Support’. We will work together to bring the Digital future through local capacitation. Services are rendered jointly by Nihka Technology and partner companies.