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Johannesburg, 28 October 2022: The Nihka Technology Group has officially concluded an equity transaction in electronic securing and prevention solutions company Optotron, successfully co-ordinating the only black women owned company in South Africa to offer both cybersecurity and the required physical security to any organisation.

This is a significant development in the South African security sector which boasts the largest and fastest growing industry globally. The Private Security Regulator Industry records the female security force estimated to be 10-11 percent; the percentage of women in leadership roles is far less.

The Cybersecurity industry reports the same ratio of a lack of women highlighting the need for women in these key industries to bring critical skills that enhance and equalise access to industry. The World Bank points out that women account for only ‘two out of every ten cybersecurity professionals even though they take up almost half the global workforce.’

The Nihka Technology Group and Optotron equity deal addresses this global crisis head on. Nihka is also one of the few South African technology businesses that has the full compliance of ISO 27001 which governs both cyber and physical security solutions.

Nihka Technology Group CEO Yashmita Bhana is delighted with driving gender and skills transformation in the cyber and physical security industries. With a Masters in Civil Engineering and as a business owner, she brings a depth of experience from the technical craft to the business analysis and decision-making component. “As a business, our goal is to always leave a positive social impact in supporting democratic access to technology and skills and supporting gender diversity.”


About Nihka Technology Group

The Nihka Technology Group is a South African technology company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Group is focused on bringing the digital future to both the private and public sectors, locally and globally by delivering innovative, integrated technologies and intelligent solutions. Nihka offers end-to-end multi-dimensional consulting with an emphasis on integrating the human potential. Bringing EQ into AI.