Sector: Utilities

Project: Datacentre Infrastructure

Head office: Johannesburg
Employees: Over 46 000 employees


Under the infrastructure portfolio several strategic objectives needed to be met and implemented for modernisation and upgrade.  The portfolio contained the Datacentres across the county  and all associated Disaster Recovery sites. This included all backup and recovery.


Technical expertise was established to ensure that:

  • All hardware and software vendors were aligned and coordinated
  • All processes and guidelines were developed and implemented
  • No IT system downtime was experienced
  • An automated dashboard for real time reporting to check all aspects of the Datacentres.
  • A detailed stakeholder engagement plan for both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Key processes were put in place to ensure that team of 300 were coordinated.

All Datecentres and Disaster Recovery sites were fully modernised with Zero downtimes


Nihka Technology Group won an award for this project because of how streamlined it was with Zero downtime for the client. this meant no revenue lost and no customers were impacted negatively on the IT systems side.