Sector: Financial

Project: : Data Sharing Platform implementation

Employees: Over 5 000 employees

Key challenges include:

  • Limited visibility and transparency in enterprise data.
  • Restricted access to timely and coordinated data for analysis.
  • Inefficiencies in data collection and governed data sharing processes.
  • Low confidence in raw data quality due to manual sourcing and processing.
  • Lack of visibility into data quality for analytics and reporting.
  • Inability to leverage enterprise data management capabilities effectively.

These challenges hindered the department’s ability to support the financial institutes mandate of financial stability. A strategic program is underway to transform people, processes, and technology to address these issues.


The solution that was implemented was the Denodo Virtualization Solution that served as the organizations Data Sharing platform. The implementation entailed the design, development and Phased Deployment of Data products sourced from various departmental systems that would satisfy the enterprises reporting, analytics and data science requirements.


Release 1 of the programme was successfully implemented whilst managing project scope, user requirements and developer capacity. The Nihka project team  ensured that all project & programme governance requirements were adhered to whilst ensuring that all Client and Partner stakeholders were onboarded and engaged. The team was approved for Release 2 of the programme.