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PwC’s Global insights report show 69% of agencies expect increased cyber budget in 2022

The global movement to increase budget on cyber security comes from the shift toward increasingly interdependent and integrated systems and networks. Processes to maintain these integrated system and networks provide a new complexity; increasing the depth of vulnerabilities both known and unknown.

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Sophistication is the name of the bad actor’s game. They combine traditional techniques with highly sophisticated mechanisms to exploit the complexity posed by increasingly integrated systems. 75% of respondents to PwC’s Global Digital Trust Insights Survey say that ‘too much avoidable, unnecessary organisational complexity poses “concerning” cyber and privacy risks.’ Internet of Things brings multiple devices, entry points and integration, all managed at times with a single command.

While the complexity may seem overwhelming and bound to fail, conscious and deliberate streamlining of complex operations by C-suite will bring clarity and strength to the complex.

More data from the Survey shows that companies who succeed at simplifying business processes which have a positive effect on security and privacy, focus on the following four areas:

– Principle: The CEO must declare security and privacy as a foundational principle for the business.

– People: Building “good complexity” requires the right type of team. The CISO and security teams should connect with the business teams.

– Prioritisation: Let the data and intelligence help guide your risk profiling and mitigation.

– Perception: You can’t protect what you can’t see. Uncover unknown vulnerabilities in your supply chain and networks.


In other recent research, BlackBerry uncovers Initial Access Broker (IAB) linked to 3 Distinct Hacker Groups. The Blackberry Research and Intelligence team have named the entity “Zebra 2104”. IABs are known to providing other cyber-criminal groups with an entry point to an unlimited number of organisations globally. A pricing tier is applied for remote access.


“An August 2021 analysis of more than 1,000 access listings advertised for sale by IABs in underground forums on the dark web found that the average cost of network access was $5,400 for the period July 2020 to June 2021, with the most valuable offers including domain admin privileges to enterprise systems.”
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For many in C-suites globally, the challenge is getting the unknown vulnerabilities out into the open. Many security providers can guarantee running a solution on known vulnerabilities. But the blind spots are what can hurt a system the most. This is where a company needs a trusted partner, AI enabled, to work 24/7 and move to going beyond known vulnerabilities to intelligent exploit detection.

You need Fortitude. The Fortitude to win and the Fortitude to contain.


Why Fortitude is worth the investment for your cybersecurity strategy in 2022?


Nihka’s Fortitude range of testing services works 24/7.

Our AI solution understands your environment, finds weaknesses, replicates, and makes recommendations to fix. Integrating security into your DevOps before production means that vulnerabilities are validated during test and development to ensure production systems are secure during deployment.

An Artificial Intelligence security engine that self learns your IT systems without human intervention.

Fortitude is POPI compliant and aligns with the CyberCrimes Act of South Africa.


The Nihka Technology Group is a South African technology company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Group is focused on bringing the digital future to both the private and public sectors, locally and globally by delivering innovative, integrated technologies and intelligent solutions. Nihka offers end-to-end multi-dimensional consulting with an emphasis on integrating the human potential. Bringing EQ into AI.

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