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How would you describe your cybersecurity network status?


The conversation on Cybersecurity status usually starts with one word: Vulnerabilities.

Here are some questions to help you understand what vulnerabilities mean in the context of cybersecurity.

– How easy is it to break into your company’s digital network to steal information?

– How easy is it to replicate a verified user’s details and enter with those details?

– Are there multiple authentication steps in place to allow access?

– Are there unknown backdoors or ways to get into a network that are not known by the company?

– Do you test your cybersecurity incident response plans?

– Are there risks of cyber risks from vendors and third parties?

–  What is the level of penetration testing?

– Is the true map of data leakage known?

– How are we working against brute force attacks?

And the list can go on. What do you do? How can you make sure that your cybersecurity efforts have the Fortitude to go beyond known vulnerabilities to intelligent exploit detection?


The conversation

It is important at this stage for leadership and tech team members to have the following conversation.

  • Take into account whether the company is focused only on compliance as opposed to cyber risk management.
  • Determine the readiness of staff to manage a cyber-attack. Setting up a training programme to help staff act more efficiently during a real crisis is suggested.
  • Assess the strength of the network from a hacker’s point of view. You can’t break into your network as a good actor. You have to think like a bad actor.
  • Prioritization of mitigating risks is important. Even more important is implementing a cyber security tracker that treats all risks with the same level of threat.
  • Knowing the Trojan Horse in the organisation will prevent the entire civilisation from crumbling. Addressing the human element is critical.
  • Accountability for ownership of addressing vulnerabilities need clarity for immediate attention.
  • Determine the level of risk the organisation can live with in the face of known and unknown vulnerabilities.

Having this conversation will bring to light the apparent limitations that can come with a human cybersecurity engineer. What’s required is the ingenuity and speed of AI coupled with the strategic and creative eye of a human expert.


Fortitude to be better

Your organisation’s network needs an ethical hacker who can work 24/7, living in your environment for a mere fraction of the cost of an actual cyber security engineer.  This hacker should be built on an intuitive AI technology that moves to test from the inside and the outside; known and unknown vulnerabilities. Many cybersecurity systems will tell you that you they can only test the known vulnerabilities. But if your organisation really wants to be one step ahead of bad actors and escape the dread downtime of your business infrastructure, you’ll want to step into the unknown. Testing unknown vulnerabilities is making sure bad actors can be kept at bay and in their place. You’ll want to implement Fortitude.

[object object] - Fortitude App 300x260 - Vulnerability or Fortitude?Nihka’s Fortitude range of testing services works 24/7.

Our AI solution understands your environment, finds weaknesses, replicates, and makes recommendations to fix.

An Artificial Intelligence security engine that self learns your IT systems without human intervention. Get in touch with the team today at Nihka to see Fortitude in action.


Fortitude is POPI compliant and aligns with the CyberCrimes Act of South Africa.

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