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Here’s what you need to know.

October is Cybersecurity Month and it couldn’t be a more important time to take note of the ways to stay safe for both you and your enterprise as we kick off the month! This initiative was first created as a collaborative effort between the US government and industry leaders to ensure the safety of citizens online. 18 years later and the movement has grown globally to address the exponential rate of cyberattacks.


- WhatsApp Image 2021 10 06 at 15 - Cybersecurity Awareness Month is here!Former FBI Director Robert Mueller didn’t miss a beat when he said that there are only two types of companies; one that has been hacked and one that will be.


Understanding cybercrime can be divided into two main categories; remote and integrated. Remote cybercrimes are carried out by attackers who access a system through a computer or other device. These include hacking, malware, spyware, spoofing, and theft. Involved in these activities are usual sophisticated security software that enables them to access secured computers and databases. With an integrated cybercrime approach, cyber-criminals use specially developed malware to breach security. This approach is also very costly, as it needs to exploit a system through a computer or other device and then infiltrate data.

What are the different methods used to carry out cyber-attacks? The most common method is through password and username theft. Passwords are important features for storing digital information such as usernames, passwords, social security numbers, credit cards, and bank account details.

While this is just one facet of the data type that is stolen in an organization’s network, companies must be prepared and armed to counteract all hacker attacks and attempts that are evolving daily.

This calls for a complete solution to test the strength of your organization’s digital footprint and its security. You need Fortitude.

- Fortitude App 300x260 - Cybersecurity Awareness Month is here!


The Nihka Technology Group is launching Cybersecurity Month in South Africa with the release of Fortitude. Working from the outside and the inside, Fortitude will test applications, networks, geographical locations, processes, and even people to determine resiliency to withstand a cyber-attack. The intuitive AI technology moves to test how easily it all can be broken. Once broken, your business is given a solid list of recommendations for the fix.


Having a cyber security expert in your company’s digital environment should be in the form of an ethical hacker looking at the business and its assets in a 360degree view, providing continued technology compliance. This is how Fortitude operates.

Nihka Technology Group is also proud to announce that they are one of the few South African companies that have successfully completed their stage 2 ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) Audit by the BSI Group and have been recommended for full certification. A wonderful way to kick-off Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

The Nihka Technology Group is a South African technology company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Group is focused on bringing the digital future to both the private and public sectors, locally and globally by delivering innovative, integrated technologies and intelligent solutions. Nihka offers end-to-end multi-dimensional consulting with an emphasis on integrating the human potential. Bringing EQ into AI.

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