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Offering a new way of connecting City service providers and modern technology for a better, smarter, future. Nihka is bringing forward a connected city with the Smart City Solution providing both open data from different government sectors, Modern data security and 3 main platforms to make a change.

The ICT Capability Disclosure Platform: Provides encapsulated and packaged ICT capabilities so that developers from any company can easily make open interfaces and quickly develop integrated Smart City service applications.

The Big Data Support Platform: Shares historical and real-time city data with all agencies.

The Application Enablement Platform: Combines Huawei applications (Big Data processing, security management, and video processing and analysis) with third-party applications — such as a Geographic Information System (GIS), public service, unified identification, and Single Sign-On (SSO). The result: Fast exchange of data resources, new software, and improved operation and maintenance for Smart City applications.

With a secure cloud center Nihka is building a cloud based Smart City eco-system to share information gathered using Nihka’s comprehensive Smart Metering solutions. All of this is available to help bring the city closer together with technology and infrastructure.

Making our City better with world-class technology.

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