Eskom Data Centre Dependency Management

//Eskom Data Centre Dependency Management

Service: Project Management & Data Centre

Industry: Utilities

Project Details: Management of the data centre project at Eskom, ensuring installation of a new UPS supply at the centre and movement of all servers hosting all applications to new supply. Highly complex and intricate project with many dependencies. Successfully completed with minimal disruption to service.


Highly complex and intricate project with many dependencies. All servers and applications in the data centre had to be moved with minimal interruption to services.


The project was successfully completed with minimal disruption to service. Intense, very detailed planning between all disciplines, electrical contractors, IT Technicians, IT services management, business users, etc. was conducted.

Dry runs were done for the high impact applications and all change overs were done over night and on weekends.

Nihka Consulting placed dedicated, highly skilled staff on this project that was presented and appraised at board level.


This project won accolades at Board Level. The Nihka Consulting team were able to deliver on a new data centre infrastructure and change of systems with minimal to no downtime to any application.

A highly intricate, well run and planned project under extremely stressful conditions.

“Yashmita is able to manage deeply complex projects with multiple cross dependencies and still meet time targets. Ever done live data centre work with no downtime? Now you are talking.”

Lloyd Jones

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