Providing Smart Data to the Education District

//Providing Smart Data to the Education District

Service: Project Management

Industry: Education

Project Details: Data Driven Districts Approach – helping different levels within the education sector (National / Provincial / Districts / Schools) to use data to make informed decisions on intervention strategies to improve learner performance in schools. To facilitate this process, the Valistractor (a tool developed to assist schools with improving data quality) and the Dashboard (a tool that displays the data using graphs) was developed.


One of the challenges facing the South African Education system, is the overall poor performance of learners in Maths, Science and Literacy. Only 35% of Grade 6 learners are numerate at an acceptable level, and only 3% of Grade 9 learners are numerate. According to the World Economic Forum’s global information technology report 2014, South Africa ranks last (144 out of 144) in terms of the quality of math and science.

The Annual National Assessments (ANA) results for 2014, released by Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga indicates that the average performance in Grade 9 mathematics is 10.8%.

In order to improve learner outcomes in the education sector, the Data Driven Districts Approach was developed to improve learner outcomes by using data to make informed decisions / interventions all levels with the Department of Basic Education.


  • One of the key components in a project of this nature is project management. An important function thereof is stakeholder engagement at all levels in the sector, i.e. national, provincial, districts and schools. Identifying key stakeholders at national and in each of the provinces is essential in ensuring buy-in and that the project is driven from the right department for sustainability.
  • Data completeness differs from province to province and school to school. The DDD project assists schools using the Valistractor (a tool developed to assist schools with improving data quality). Training is provided to schools on the use of the Valistractor.
  • Data completeness and good quality data allows for the use of data to inform intervention strategies at all levels in the Department. DDD has developed a Dashboard that displays data visually using graphs, thus, making it readably accessible and easy to interpret. Role specific training is conducted for users to ensure that the training addresses each groups’ specific needs.
  • Providing support for the development of Warehouses in the province by identifying and supporting the architecture, specifications and set up.


  • Assist schools to improve data completeness and quality using the Valistractor.
  • Encourage and assist schools to identify their challenges using the Dashboard and identify intervention strategies to address their problems.
  • Assist with warehouse establishment in the provinces.
  • Develop partnerships with other stakeholders working in education by providing the tools that facilitate their processes in education.
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