Large Scale KPI Rollout and Co-ordination

//Large Scale KPI Rollout and Co-ordination

Service: Project Management & Business Intelligence

Industry: Utilities

Project Details: NEPS (Network Equipment Performance). The development of a system to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the business and report to top management. Extensive stakeholder management required. National programme management with co-ordination of activities across 7 regions, including rollout.


At the time, measurements of the Network Performance were done manually using excel spreadsheets. The project challenge was to automate the development of KPIs based on information from the electricity network.


Nihka supported the client by managing the entire project from start to final sign-off across 7 regions, across the country.

The project was engineering focussed and highly complicated. Nihka Consulting ensured that the team placed on the project had the relevant background in Engineering so that even though the scope involved project management, they were able to interact with the Engineers who benefitted from the project.


A key output of the project was to develop KPIs and automate them to enable daily interpretation of the performance of the electricity network. This enabled the Distribution Engineering Unit to:

  • Make real time decisions on network performance
  • Quickly identify network issues
  • Pinpoint exact areas/lines that were being impacted
  • As a result, be able to immediately dispatch field staff to investigate
  • Save downtime and hence maintenance costs
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