Managing Eskom’s Newly Formed Divisions

//Managing Eskom’s Newly Formed Divisions

Service: Project Management & Implementation

Industry: Utilities

Project Details: Establishing and managing the project management office for the Independent Power Producer (IPP) Grid Access Unit (GAU) within the newly formed Group Customer Services (GCS) Division within Eskom.


  • As part of the organisational restructuring taking place within Eskom, the Group Customer Services (GCS) Division was formed to have both key customers (previously within the Transmission Division) and retail customers (previously within the Distribution Division) within the same business unit.
  • With a shortage of generation capacity, a vital focus was on growing the independent power producer (IPP) contribution in line with the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP 2010) for energy which supports renewable and co-generation.
  • A strategic decision was taken to establish an IPP GAU within the newly formed GCS Division, to serve as a single point of contact for IPPs, with the required independence and transparency, that would optimise the IPP connection and operations (dispatching and balancing) processes.
  • The challenge was to set-up the GAU within the initial planned timeline.


Nihka supported the client (GAU Project Team) by providing a seasoned utility consultant that had over 15 years of cross functional business experience within the electricity supply industry (ESI), to perform a project co-ordination and management role and establish and manage the GAU project office.

The consultant was also proficient in interacting with a multitude of stakeholders that ranged from General and Senior Managers, operational managers and technical specialists, external consultants, IPP representatives and Department of Energy (DoE) Officials.


The following outputs were delivered:

  • Performed the integration role across all the project streams, impacted Divisions and other initiatives within the business.
  • Co-ordinated and facilitated the development of the connection and operations processes.
  • Managed a proof of concept and implementation of a Microsoft SharePoint solution for the GAU connection process.
  • Managed and co-ordinated the delivery of the grid access connection process for the Department of Energy (DoE) Renewable Energy IPP Procurement Programme (REIPPPP) for Bids 1 and 2. This included the issuing of the following documents for the preferred bidders for Bids 1 and 2:
    • Cost Estimate Letters
    • Budget Quotes
    • Agreements (Connection and Self Build)
  • Provided input into the Micro Generation Framework
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