Optomising Eskom’s Executive Management

//Optomising Eskom’s Executive Management

Service: Project Management

Industry: Utilities (Eskom)

Project Details: Document Management Project


In October 2003, Eskom executive management agreed strategically that in order to become more effective in a remodelled market space, a knowledge-based organisation had to be prioritised. The core focus areas of the strategy included:

  • Capacity Expansion
  • Skills Development and Management
  • Organisational Discipline
  • Customer Service
  • Change Management and Resilience

Within the ambit of knowledge management, it is necessary to have the facilitation of communication, processes, input and retrieval mechanisms that allow for remote as well as central sites to create, update, view and act on common information. In this light, a document management solution needed to be put in place, hence the creation and distribution by Eskom of the RFP “CORP 896”

A consortium response to RFP “CORP 896” resulted in a solution design and delivery being awarded by Eskom to GijimaAST and its consortium partners.


  • One of the key components in a project of this nature is project management. An important function thereof is stakeholder engagement at all levels in the sector, i.e. national, provincial, districts and schools. Identifying key stakeholders at national level and in each of the provinces is essential in ensuring buy-in and that the project is driven from the right department for sustainability.
  • Data completeness differs from province to province and school to school. The DDD project assists schools using the Valistractor (a tool developed to assist schools with improving data quality). Training is provided to schools on the use of the Valistractor.
  • Data completeness and good quality data allows for the use of data to inform intervention strategies at all levels in the Department. DDD has developed a Dashboard that displays data visually using graphs, thus, making it readably accessible and easy to interpret. Role specific training is conducted for users to ensure that the training addresses each groups’ specific needs.
  • Providing support for the development of Warehouses in the province by identifying and supporting the architecture, specifications and set up.


  • Blueprint
  • Application and Database Design
  • Technical and Migration Design
  • Interfaces Development Installation
  • Interfaces Technical Design
  • Develop Training Approach and Material
  • Implement Hardware and Software
  • Implement Interfaces on Configured Vanilla Solution
  • Migration to Integrated Configured Solution
  • User Training
  • User Acceptance Testing
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