Delivering APM with Eskom

//Delivering APM with Eskom

Service: Project Management

Industry: Utilities (Eskom)

Project Details: Business Intelligence Enhancement Project


Eskom partnered with SAS to develop and deliver an Area Performance Model (APM), the purpose of which is to source Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data from the operational system in Eskom and deliver them to the regional operating units through SAS Strategic Performance Management.

To achieve this objective, the Business Intelligence Enhancement (BIE) Project was commissioned and has been in operation at Eskom from February 2008. The project team comprised resources from SAS, Fifth Discipline Group and BI Alliance with input on program management and oversight from Eskom.


  • Accountable to the Executive Project Sponsor
  • Represent the business in key project decisions
  • Monitor and manage project progress
  • Monitor and manage project risks and issues
  • Manage the scope of the project and control changes
  • Engage and communicate with business stakeholders


Delivered the automated APM KPI’s for the following regions:

  • Northern Region
  • Southern Region
  • Western Region
  • Eastern Region
  • North West Region
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