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Solving real business issues with multi-dimensional consulting and professional services

Nihka Consulting emerged out of the need to change the way businesses function to produce better results more efficiently and with greater confidence. Founded as a Black Women Owned (BWO) enterprise, today we are recognised and highly regarded as one of the progressive business consulting firms in South Africa.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of business solutions and services that will help organisations realise their potential to enable peak performance, and meet the challenges and opportunities of doing business in the South African market and beyond.

Drawing from the collective expertise of our network of consultants, our collaborative approach combines innovative thinking and the creative application of technology solutions.

Over the years, we have made our mark in highly integrated and complex projects within utilities, government, the public sector, mining companies, banking institutions and more.


  • Creative

    We encourage all in the Nihka Community, including clients, to get serious about innovative thinking and action to create new value, not only by constantly revolutionising the way we work but simply by improving incrementally.

  • Honesty

    Reputation is founded on what you do and what difference you can make. At Nihka, our reputation is our strongest asset, built around impeccable business practices, integrity and honesty in everything we do.

  • Delivery-focused

    We recognise that our clients’ perception is our reality. As such, Nihka works tirelessly with clients to help them develop delivery models that drive effectiveness and optimise outcomes.

  • Adaptable

    Nihka has built adaptability into our DNA to ensure long-term sustainability. We have the ability to change and maintain effectiveness in a constantly evolving environment, continuously questioning the status quo and moving quickly to optimise opportunities.

  • Value-Adding

    We believe that our culture of delivery and going beyond expectations is a competitive advantage for us, and we go to great lengths to nurture and preserve it. Value is given by the Nihka team and we go to great lengths to support them.


Nihka delivers innovative implementations and focused, multidimensional consulting

Working together, working for you

Nihka is a multidisciplinary team of strategic business consultants that collaborates with organisations to develop and implement forward-looking solutions that help drive a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Nihka Team have decades of experience in various operational roles, together specialising in all aspects of business management – Service Delivery, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Innovation, Organisational Development, IT Infrastructure, and Business Process Engineering.

Yashmita Bhana, Founder & MD

yashmita bhana strategic consultant

The woman behind it all

Yashmita Bhana, Founder and MD, set up Nihka Consulting to solve complex business challenges and promote industry leadership with a systematic approach to innovation. With over 15 years’ experience in project and programme management, Yashmita has worked closely with clients across the information technology, civil, building, energy and government sectors, exploring the challenges and opportunities they and their clients face.
Her tertiary qualifications consist of an M.Sc in Engineering (University of Witwatersrand) and a MBA (GIBS). She authored two dissertations and published three journal articles. She is also an internationally recognised project manager and registered PMP®

She effectively manages projects in excess of R300 million – leading multidisciplinary teams in highly complex environments. Her high success rate can be attributed to her competence in risk mitigation and control.

Yashmita is noted for her attention to detail and her ability to gain an understanding of the processes within the organisations where projects are based. This, coupled with her ability to manage multiple dependencies, has ensured an excellent delivery track record and two awards for successfully-run projects.

Her change management abilities and excellent stakeholder management skills enable her to interact with all levels of staff, from operational through to executive level. Her resourcefulness and persistence result in complex situations being turned around in the toughest environments.

Yashmita leads the Nihka team under the core values of shared learning, collaboration, empowerment and excellence.